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Garlic-y Cheesy Seafood Goodness

(Pasta with Broccoli and Shrimp)

3 servings


Penne Pasta (or any pasta really)

Heavy Cream

Parmesan Cheese






1. Boil Pasta in (Water, and a bit of olive oil and salt)

Olive oil will help the pasta no stick together, and with the salt it will give the pasta some extra flavor.

2. I like to use raw shrimp. I peel them and set them aside with a bit of salt and lemon

3. For the broccoli I rinse and try to use only the “flower” part of the broccoli. I used about half the broccoli. Then chop up garlic (for about 2 servings I used 3 large cloves of garlic)

4. In a separate pan heat a bit of olive oil (1 tablespoon) , I add the broccoli and garlic with salt and pepper to taste (for those of you that need measurements I am sorry, I would say about a tsp of salt and pepper) When the broccoli is almost tender I add the shrimp.

Meanwhile the pasta is still boiling and cooking.

5. Once the shrimp is almost done (almost pink) I add about a half cup of heavy cream.

This will make the sauce (you can add more after you add the pasta is if you need more sauce). The heavy cream will thicken the longer you leave it on the heat

I then add about a hand full of shredded parmesan cheese.

6. Once the pasta is done I add the pasta. If need be this is the time I will ad more heavy cream and cheese.

It is very simple, stir it all together, add a bit more salt if needed.

I always say it is better to under-salt and then add it at the end.

(We salted the pasta, shrimp and broccoli and remember parmesan cheese has a salty taste).

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